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2020 March-April DES Live Online Course

Module 5 - Engagement Strategy

Mar 27, 2020 12:00pm ‐ Mar 27, 2020 1:00pm


How do you get your attendees to engage and interact during your events? This module begins with developing an understanding of what engagement looks like and why it’s vital to your digital experience; and the challenges involved in keeping audiences engaged. We’ll examine the techniques for fostering attendee interaction, what the options of engagement and networking are in various types of digital environments and how they can be successfully implemented. Just as you find in the physical event world, “structured networking” opportunities often work best in virtual environments. This module will explore successful tactics and strategies for fostering robust attendee communication and interaction.

CIC Domain: Meeting or Event Design


  • Jeff Hurt, CEO- Chief Epiphany Officer, Empowered Epiphanies

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MelvaLaJoy Jones
5/14/20 7:20 pm

Really enjoyed that the presentation repeated learning outcomes twice at the beginning and once at the conclusion as a way to confirm our learning agreement. Additionally, I found the pace of the presentation, coupled with the diversity of the images to be spot on and engaging. Finally, I like that he prompted moments to check-in, hold me accountable and reinforce my learning. Look forward to reading some of the blogs.