Its been proven digital events don’t cannibalize F2F events. You’ve read countless successful case-studies and want a part of the action. You are convinced it’s the right time for your organization to jump into digital events to remain competitive, extend your audience and support your organizations business objectives. So, what’s next? How do you create a potential roadmap? During this session, an industry expert shares one-on-one insider tips of the critical questions to ask before even getting started including: how to evaluate the team and talent you need, identify resources required and how create a primary budget, identify what resources as available to you and your team, explore options to align your digital event strategy with business objective and which should be your first digital events to beta test your space, to just name a few.

Learner Outcomes:
  • Walk away with tangible questions to help you identify the first steps
  • Create a timeline to help establish a plan of the ideal time to get started
  • Become empowered with the knowledge and resources accessible to start your plan
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