Using Technology to be More Productive

Date: September 18, 2018

Time: 01:00PM - 02:00PM

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Did you start out planning face-to-face events and now have found you are also adding digital event planning to your repertoire?  Rise to the challenge while managing each task with pro precision.

Planning tools, sites and gadgets that are useful for one type of event, may not be useful to another.

But have no fear, Liz King is here!

Liz King will present us with a myriad of solutions from her very own event arsenal of expertise she uses while planning and consulting on events and now hosting a new events podcast!

From technology apps, to travel logistics, to content management, we have the secret weapons to arm you to take down your checklist!

Learning Objectives:

1) Explore the right tools or applications for specific tasks and teams

2) Develop a to-do list based on the time chunking techniques from the session

3) Identify three applications or tools that will help make your team more efficient than the current methods you’re using to tasks and manage time

4) Identify 1-2 time management philosophies that will transform your work life


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